Gina West

Gina West  joined Castle over a decade ago after working 20 years for several of Baltimore's largest law firms .  As the office manager, Gina utilizes her many years of administrative experience to keep Castle running in an organized and efficient manner.  She is also a licensed investigator.

Paul Bressler

Paul Bressler is the owner of Castle Security Group and has been a private investigator since 1991.  Paul's areas of expertise include conducting asset investigations, archival research and complex civil litigation support.  Paul has worked as a street investigator and as an undercover investigator.

Paul has worked with and coordinated investigations with the U.S. Secret Service, Maryland State Police, Baltimore Police Department and numerous law enforcement agencies in the State of Maryland.  He has been awarded an Honorary Gold Record by the Recording Industry Association of America for his efforts to combat sound recording piracy. 

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Jerry Van Der Meulen

Jerry Van Der Meulen joined Castle after retiring from the Baltimore City Police Department at the rank of Lieutenant.  During his 35 years of service, Jerry coordinated the operations of the drug squad, flex squad and foot patrols with a primary focus on street-level drug and gang investigations.  He also coordinated security with the United States Security Service for former Presidents, Vice Presidents and the First Ladies during local visits.

Jerry’s area of expertise include surveying accident scenes, conducting in-depth interviews of witnesses, analysis of security measures and procedures and providing on-site security.

MD State Police License No. 106-4976

Meet Our Team

Frank Napfel

Frank Napfel is the founder of Castle.  He was a former supervisor with the Baltimore City Police Department prior to entering the private sector.  Frank received a master's degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Baltimore.  He has served on the adjunct faculties at the University of Baltimore and the Community College of Baltimore County.

Frank has been declared an expert by the courts in public safety and security, as well as corporate and industrial security.

Dan Lund

Dan Lund has been with Castle as a private investigator for almost 15 years.  Dan’s areas of expertise involves on-site security, mobile surveillance and service of process. 

Joseph Comma

Joseph Comma has been an investigator with Castle for over 15 years after serving for a decade as an officer and detective in the Baltimore City Police Department.  As an officer, Joe was assigned to several federal and multi-jurisdictional task forces.

Joe is adept at mobile surveillance and the use of electronic tracking devices.  Additionally, he has provided effective testimony in numerous child custody and family law matters.