Criminal Defense

​Many of our senior private investigators have law enforcement experience at the state and federal levels, which puts us in a strong position to assist our legal clients as they represent their clients charged with criminal acts.  We can obtain, evaluate and analyze police reports, charging documents, affidavits and even evidence gathered by the  local authorities.

As you prepare your criminal defense, Castle can locate a hard-to-find witness and conduct an interview with the skill needed to uncover information often ignored or unsolicited by law enforcement authorities.  Our investigators have assisted numerous clients in gathering evidence, locating and interviewing witnesses, as well as searching public records and databases in support of important litigation.

Often, the information and witnesses we have identified enabled a client to make decisive and critical decisions regarding the criminal defense, negotiations and possible settlement terms.  Castle can also provide critical background information regarding adverse parties and witnesses.

Our private investigators can obtain recorded statements, sworn affidavits, as well as photographs of crime scenes if needed.  If an aerial photograph is needed, we have the capability of obtaining highly sophisticated images.

Background Checks

​​Avoid negligent hiring, get a pre-employment check.

From high turnover to limiting fraud, pre-employment screenings will help reduce or even eliminate the risks associated with failing to perform a background check.

Castle provides background screening services for companies throughout Maryland and across the United States.  Screenings enable clients to make informed decisions about prospective employees.

Services include research of any or all of the following:

Criminal Convictions
Civil Litigation
Prior Employment
Personal References
Driving Record
Social Security Number Verification
Education Verification
National Sex Offender Registry
Workers Compensation Claim History
Pre-Employment Drug Screening
Employment Eligibility Verification



Domestic Litigation

We have worked with attorneys and individuals in 2500+ matters involving adultery, child custody, missing family members and child abuse.  Castle has presented seminars to assist counsel in how to wisely select a Maryland private investigator with the proper expertise and training to ensure the successful completion of these matters.

Our private investigators are well-trained in the legal requirements to prove adultery in the State of Maryland.  We stay in close contact

with our clients throughout the investigation and have investigators available 24/7 to accommodate changes in schedules or last-minute emergencies.

We have successfully testified in cases involving adultery and child custody issues.

Witness Location and Interview

Many times a witness is needed to acquire information about an accident, incident, person or an entity.  We have extensive experience in this area.

Castle uses its specialized skills to identify and locate individuals.  An investigator will conduct a thorough and discreet interview to document a witness' knowledge and provide our clients with the information they need to make strategic decisions. 

Castle utilizes the latest resources and intelligence gathering methods to locate the subject.  Our trained investigators build a rapport with the witness in order to facilitate cooperation.

MD State Police License No. 22PLU-SGPD3277

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Vehicle Tracking

Available to our corporate clients are sophisticated vehicle tracking devices that utilize GPS. Placement of this device on a company car allows remote tracking of that vehicle on a 24-hour basis for a day, a week or longer, if needed.

The client is provided with a detailed street map with the vehicle route superimposed or, if preferred, a printout of all locations visited by the company vehicle, including length of stay at each location.  This information can be invaluable in assessing if a company truck is making unauthorized deliveries, if a salesperson is effectively working his territory, or if a disgruntled executive is having unexplained contact with competitors.

If sufficient time is available, the device can be placed in a manner that is almost impossible to detect unless major repair work is done on the vehicle.  Use of this tracking device also guarantees that your employee will not detect that he is being monitored while providing you with necessary information.

It should be noted that our equipment is professional grade and not the same as products you can buy online.


​In support of our corporate and insurance clients, we provide trained private investigators to conduct surreptitious stationary or mobile surveillance.

Investigators are equipped with technologically advanced video and photography equipment to effectively document the relevant activity of fraudulent claimants, as well as inappropriate activity of problem employees.

Additionally, all surveillance vehicles are equipped with the necessary communication capabilities which enable our private investigators to work together if more than one vehicle or investigator is required.

Castle Security Group Private Investigations


Counterfeit Products/Intellectual Property Theft

​When counterfeit products are offered in the marketplace, our many years of service and experience with the recording industry and numerous national retailers enable us to effectively gather the necessary evidence to react decisively. Often working with local law enforcement, our investigations have resulted in search warrants, arrests and a quick end to these illegal counterfeit activities.

Our investigators have made hand-to-hand in-person purchases, as well as internet transactions.  Through the combination of these purchases and our surveillance capabilities, we have been able to provide information revealing the identity of the retailer, and often times, the source of the counterfeit fraudulent products.

Castle provides skilled private investigators, capable of infiltrating seminars and training sessions and can conduct one-on-one interviews with former franchisees and senior executives who may attempt to use your intellectual property to their advantage.

We have successfully provided the evidence necessary for corporate counsel to move decisively in both federal and state courts to halt the improper use of intellectual property your business or that of your client.

Using an experienced licensed private investigator is your first step in recovering and protecting what is yours.